Aims and Themes

This conference is one of the very successful International Conference Series and serves to discuss and promote Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) in the field of water, wastewater, groundwater and potable water.


AOPs are progressing rapidly all over the world as they have proved to be successful in meeting increasingly stringent global regulations as well as protecting public health and the environment. Thus AOPs are strong alternatives to conventional treatment techniques in many applications for complete elimination of recalcitrant compounds in water and to improve the biodegradation of wastewaters by partial oxidation.


Continuous basic and applied R&D already helped to improve the effort-benefit ratio of AOP in many applications as well as exploring and consolidating new fields of application and concepts of AOPs. The conference will bring together both experts from research and development as well as from industry. The discussion about novel developments of models, measurements, reactors and processes together with experience in recent full-scale applications including operational problems should promote the further progress of AOP.

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